name: coti ( kȯ-ˈtē) 
years rping: over eight years. damn it all to hell. 
favorite pairing: personally, there is nothing wrong with placing attractive people with other attractive people and seeing what transpires from that whole nonsense. 
favorite plots: plots based on old cartoons and shit like that. give me some winnie the pooh inspired characters with mental disorders; or rugrats inspired characters as college students. word. give me big fun plots like that every afternoon. 
guilty pleasure tv show: big brother, big brother uk, and pretty little liars. tbh. television is the greatest weakness in the world. it’s like crack for me and i have no shame. 
fun facts about you: um. i’m a freelance artist and very extremely opinionated. everyone tells me that my accent sounds country with a dash of ghetto fabulous thrown in. my favorite threat is telling people that i will punch them in the neck; or the twat. oh. that’s not very nice. secondly i have an extreme love for angry chick and indie music. ugh. i’ll stop now. let’s plot with everyone and make sweet beautiful love in the form of feels. 

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an illuminati based roleplay set in miami, florida
follow for updates, and interact with tag #natirp

an illuminati based roleplay set in miami, florida

follow for updates, and interact with tag #natirp

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so apparently i’m giving this relationship thing a try. it’s kind of weird but apparently there is a label on this. we’ll see how it goes. 

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"This feeling… it feels familiar… Soft and warm… Sweet lips…"

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sailor moon
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I don’t have claws, or glowing eyes or super senses.

I just have v o i c e s i n m y h e a d

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